DAG-Edit Users Meeting

May 26th-28th
Joint Genome Institute
Walnut Creek, CA

What is it?

This is the second in the continuing series of DAG-Edit Users Meetings. Users will get the opportunity to work with DAG-Edit in close proximity to other users, and gain the deep DAG-Editing wisdom of their colleagues. John Day-Richter, the author of DAG-Edit, will be in close proximity the entire time, so that you can see your bug fixes and feature requests implemented before your very eyes. Most importantly, you'll get the chance to sit right next to the person you collaborate with every day, but never see in person, and actually get some work done.

When is it?

May 26th - May 28th. The meeting will run from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm each day (we'll probably break early on Friday).

Where is it?

Our meeting will be held at the Department of Energy's fabulous Joint Genome Institute in Walnut Creek, California.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Daniel Rokhsar from the JGI has managed to scare up grant funding for this meeting, so it is entirely free (from our point of view).

How do I sign up?

Because this meeting is intended to be small (at most 40 people), registration will simply be handled by email. If you (or members of your group) are interested in attending, please email John Day-Richter the names of the people interested in attending and their contact info (phone number and email address). You will be sent an email confirming your place.

If there are more signups than we have room for, we will try to assure a position for at least one person from each institution. One we've done that, slots will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How do I get there?

You may fly into either San Francisco International Airport or Oakland International Airport. (Oakland Airport is slightly closer, but ticket prices into each airport may vary widely depending on your point of origin).

From the airport you may rent a car, take a cab, or one of the very many airport shuttles.

Budget minded travelers may prefer to take Bay Area Rapid Transit from the airport to the Walnut Creek BART Station. The Walnut Creek Station is about 3 miles from the JGI, but taxis are always available at the BART station. Travelers who wish to use BART are strongly recommended to fly into San Francisco Airport; there is direct service from SFO to Walnut Creek.

Where should I stay?

The good people at the JGI recommend the Embassy Suites at Walnut Creek, at a special government rate of $108/night. To reserve a room at the special rate:

The Embassy Suites are located about 2 miles from the JGI, and 2 miles from the Walnut Creek BART station. Anyone who doesn't want to rent a car for the trip (or who is going to rent a car and wants to give people rides) should contact John Day-Richter to make arrangements.

What should I eat?

Breakfast and lunch will be catered at the JGI. We are on our own for dinner.

Is there anything else I should know, particularly regarding my laptop?

Because the JGI is a Department of Energy facility, they are understandably very cautious when it comes to their computer security. They do not allow non-DOE equipment to be connected to their network.

The JGI will provide us all with networked laptops, so we will have internet access and all the comforts of home once we're there. Just don't expect to be able to plug your own laptop in when you get there. As a consequence, MAKE SURE that you've made any files you want to work on network accessible, because that's the only way you'll be able to access them once we're at the JGI.