REGISTRATION: GO Annotation Camp

June 1-4, 2005
Stanford University
Stanford, CA


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    To request financial assistance: April 15, 2005
    General deadline: May 21, 2005


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Registration Deadline: May 21, 2005.
Accommodations: Reduced rate for lodging is available from the Cardinal Hotel in Downtown Palo Alto. Use that link for the Cardinal Hotel to make your reservations.
Financial Assistance:

Some funds will be available to support the participation of people who might otherwise be unable to attend. Awards are generally limited to hotel costs, although in special circumstances, travel assistance may be available. If you wish to be considered for such support, select the yes option for the following question. Note that the registration deadline to apply for financial assistance is April 15, 2005.

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All participants of the Annotation Camp are asked to describe their work; let's call this an Introduction. Although similar in form to a typical meeting abstract, it does not need to try to focus on a single cohesive story or research project. This will be used as your introduction to the others that will be attending the camp and you are welcome to mention multiple disparate projects you are involved in if that best describes your interests and activities. A form for your information is below.
Enter your title and introduction below. You may use simple HTML (World Wide Web mark-up language) codes, as described below, to include bold, italic, super- and subscripts in both the title and introduction. The effect of the mark-up code will be shown when you press the "Submit Registration" button.

The introduction body, not including the title, should be less than 1500 characters (approx. 250 words; spaces count as characters).

  • A list of many other HTML character codes is available via an HTML document.
  • To italicize text, begin words with <I>, and end them with </I>
  • To bold text, begin words with <B>, and end them with </B>
  • To superscript text, begin words with <SUP>, and end them with </SUP>
  • To subscript text, begin words with <SUB>, and end them with </SUB>
  • For experts: HTML links can be included using the <A HREF="URL HERE"> Link Text Here </A>
Be sure to include the less-than and greater-than symbols (<>) around the mark up codes. You will see the effect of the above mark up codes when you press the "Proof Read Introduction" button.

Title Text: Type in sentence style: Capitalize first word only; type all other words except proper names in lower case letters.

Introduction Text: Enter text (limit 1500 characters including spaces, but not including the HTML codes) using only the HTML codes listed above or in this HTML character codes table.

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