GO Annotation Camp: General Information

July 10-14, Tresidder Memorial Union (Oak Lounge), Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Part 1: Annotation Standards - July 10-11, 2006
(Consortium members only)

Part 2: Training for Manual Curation of Research Literature - July 12-14, 2006
(all welcome)

General Information

The GO Consortium will be holding a GO Annotation Camp in July at the Tresidder Memorial Union (Oak Lounge), Stanford University, CA.

Part 1, Annotation Standards, will be for GO Consortium members to discuss consistency and develop standards for annotation. It will be held July 10th and July 11th and attendance is limited to GO Consortium members.

Part 2, Training for Manual Curation of Research Literature, will be open to all interested parties and will run from Wednesday, July 12th at 9 am through Friday, July 14th at 5 pm. Part 2 of the Camp will focus on training people to use GO for making annotations from research literature and the schedule includes a number of practical exercises to work through specific papers.

On each of the three days of the meeting, we will start at 9 am and conclude at 5 pm and lunch will be provided. On one evening, there will be a meeting dinner at a restaurant in Palo Alto. The specific rooms for the meeting have not yet been determined; this page will be updated when that information is available. There is NO registration fee for the camp. If you would like to attend, please fill out the registration form

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Part 1 - Annotation Standards (July 10-11) is open only to GO Consortium members.

Part 2 - Training for Manual Curation of Research Literature (July 12-14) is open to all parties who are interested in learning how to make GO annotations from the research literature.

While there is no registration fee for either portion of the meeting, registration is required in order to attend. The Stanford Genetics Department will cover the costs of lodging for everyone who registers by May 17, 2006 and makes their reservations with one of the hotels with which we have made an arrangement. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with instructions on booking your lodging. Though we will NOT cover lodging costs for those who register after May 17, 2006, we will continue to accept registrations until June 21, 2006.

Register now!

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Getting to the Stanford Campus


There are two airports that are convenient for travelling to Stanford. Both are about 20 miles away.

Ground Transportation

Shuttles, taxis, and car rental agencies service both airports. There are many shuttle services serving these airports, especially San Francisco, though not all serve the region in which Stanford is located. Here are two which serve both airports and the Stanford vicinity: Super Shuttle and South and East Bay Shuttle (1-800-548-4664). If you fly into San Francisco, you can often hop on a shuttle within 15 minutes even without booking, but if you will arrive late or if you will fly into San Jose, you should book in advance.

How do I get to the Stanford campus?

General directions to the Stanford campus, for driving, public transportation, and from airports.

The Annotation Camp will be held at the Tresidder Memorial Union (Oak Lounge) located on the campus of Stanford University, CA. To get to the Tresidder Memorial Union from the Palo Alto Transit Center (CalTrain Station), you can take the Stanford Margurite shuttle line B in either direction. From the Escondido Village on campus, please take the Stanford Margurite shuttle line B in the clockwise direction. Route maps and schedules for the Stanford Margurite shuttle are available here. However, it should not be necessary to rent a car.

Parking on the Stanford Campus

For those who do choose to drive a car, there are visitor parking lots in various locations on campus. Some of these allow payment with a credit card to purchase a ticket that is good for the desired number of hours ($1.50/hour); others only have coin-operated meters. Parking for a full day costs $12.

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For those who register before May 17, 2006:

The Stanford Genetics Department will cover the costs of lodging for everyone who registers by May 17, 2006. You will be housed at the Cardinal Hotel or at the Escondido Village on Stanford University Campus. We have sent a detailed email about lodging to everyone who requested housing. If you haven't received an email from us, please contact Rama Balakrishnan.

For all others:

Numerous lodging establishments in a variety of price ranges are available in the the vicinity of the Stanford campus.

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Further Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact Karen Christie and Rama Balakrishnan.

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