Questions and answers related to the submission of data to the Gene Ontology Consortium.

How can I contribute to GO?

We welcome your contributions!

The GO project is constantly evolving, and we welcome feedback from all users. Research groups may contribute to the GOC by either providing suggestions for updating the ontology (e.g. requests for new terms) or by providing annotations, that is, associations between genes or gene products and ontology terms. Suggested edits are reviewed by the ontology editors and implemented where appropriate.

How do I submit annotations to GO?

We welcome your contributions!

We welcome contributions to the Gene Ontology project, both in terms of annotations and for feedback and additions to the ontology.

Before making contributions, we recommend that y contact the Gene Ontology Consortium (GOC) before annotation work is carried out; this will ensure that GOC mentors and trainers can be of assistance in producing data sets in agreement with the GOC annotation policies and format requirements.