Questions and answers about mappings: the translation of one type of ID into another.

How do I get the term names for my list of GO ids?

You can use the YeastMine tool available at SGD to retrieve the GO term names for each ID. Here is how-
  1. Go to -
  2. In the Select Type pull down, scroll down and select GO term
  3. Enter your GO ids or upload a list in the full format (GO:0016020, GO:0016301..)
  4. Click on Create List and you should be able to create a list of GO IDs, Term name, Definition, aspect. The tool offers several options to download the list.

How do I find the annotations (mappings) for Entrez, NCBI or other IDs?

The list of e.g. Entrez IDs, NCBI IDs, should be converted to UniProtKB or model organism database IDs, and those IDs used to search the GO database.

UniProt and PIR have similar ID mapping tools to help with the conversion:

Why are Interpro2go mappings not updated with GOA releases?

GOA is updated in accordance with the latest data released by its core databases (SWISS-PROT, TrEMBL, InterPro, Ensembl) as well as mappings of SWISS-PROT Keywords, InterPro and Enzyme Commission (EC) terms to GO. Each of GOA's core databases produces its own releases; for example, InterPro has dependencies on the member databases of InterPro. InterPro2GO is updated at regular intervals but not always in keeping with monthly schedule of GOA releases.

What are mappings?

The files contain concepts from systems external to GO e.g. Enzyme Commission numbers, SWISS-PROT keywords and TIGR roles, indexed to equivalent GO terms. The mappings are typically made manually; details can be found in the file header. See the Mappings to GO for files available.