Retracted Brain Genetics Paper - Response from the GOC (9/23/2014)

As noted by Dr. Pavlidis in TheScientist, concerns associated with the Meyer-Lindenberg et al. paper in regards to data processing have properly led to the paper being retracted. We want to avoid any inappropriate over-generalization of the issues that led to the retraction of this paper. It is irrelevant whether the Gene Ontology annotations used in the analysis were old, as the data problem occurred upstream of any GO enrichment testing. Nevertheless, we wish to encourage the use of up-to-date Gene Ontology annotations for the most accurate results. GO annotations are constantly being added and revised as new scientific discoveries are made. The more general consideration here is in data processing and appropriate application of data analysis tools. This event also points to the necessity of providing, as part of the publication process, metadata (versions of software, downloading date for annotation sets, etc.) and intermediate analysis data (e.g. complete lists of P-values for all SNPs, and mapping of SNPs to genes) that enable rapid and accurate replication of the reported results. Judith Blake (GO-PI, Jackson Laboratory), Paul Thomas (GO-PI, USC)